"Drillers care about the meters only" or the Valuable Final Product of a Drilling Company

One should first figure out, what the Valuable Final Product is?

Almost any normal business is meant to solve a problem or satisfy the customer’s needs and receive some money in exchange. However, not every business performs these tasks for 100%, while getting paid in full. There are good and bad examples of exchange between the product/ service supplier and the customer- almost in every industry. However, we will try to review the relations between a drilling company and a subsoil user as an example.

Sometimes, I hear the geologists saying that the drillers care about the meters only. It means that they drill for the number of meters, rather than for the quality. It is true in part, since they should have probably seen this practice before. The reason is often that the drilling rig operators and their assistants do not fully understand their responsibility. Though the drilling company owner or management is unlikely to agree with such earning methods, where the only purpose is to drill and receive money for that.

Such non-optimality occur due to the lack of knowledge or understanding of what the customer or purchaser pays for.

For thorough understanding, one can separate the “drilling service” into three components, as the Valuable Final Product.

The Product here is a core or sludge sample, whether it is reverse circulation or core drilling. Some companies seem to stop at that, with a wrong suggestion that it is what the subsoil user expects from them. Naturally, with such experience, the geologist will fairly suppose that the “drillers care about the meters only”. However, the geologists, as well as the drilling company heads and investors, need something more important.

Apparently, this Product as the sludge or core should be of value for the customer. Therefore, the product Value is its quality. And in case of the reverse circulation drilling, every customer interprets the quality in different ways, but in general looks as follows:

a well fulfilled its geological task, if it is technically possible (for example, a target depth of 100 meters is reached and the well was actually drilled down to that mark);

· drilling cuttings are dry;

· required sample splitting is performed as a percentage (if a sample splitter is used);

· pure cyclone and splitter (for per-interval blowdown) safe working mode.

Theoretically, the reverse circulation drilling should comply with the above quality criteria. One more equally important point is the completeness of our product. It is the completeness of anything. Therefore, the wording of a provided sample is added to the above mentioned. It means that this qualitative test, apart from existing, is transferred to the customer in the reliable and appropriate bag. In some cases, the Acceptance and Transfer Act is filed up.

The author of VFP idea is L.Ron Hubbard, made it possible to apply this aspect in any business area and even in a someone’s personal life. Such an approach facilitates to maintaining the potential fair exchange between the customer and contractor, and between the drilling company and subsoil user, in our case.

Marat Nugmanov
Chief Editor and Founder
of “Drilling Solutions” Company