Let's consider disagreement using any company as an example.

Disagreement can manifest as either a hidden reluctance to carry out orders/tasks or as open resistance to management or a team member. By the way, a "team member" could be anyone in the family.

But when a leader of any unit observes disagreement among their personnel - subordinates, one can expect a state of Danger. Danger implies a state of affairs where there is a sharp decline in activity: productivity levels, income levels, etc.

Sometimes, staff express their disagreement simply by slowing down at their workplace or slowing down the activities of a certain part of the company.

The roots of such manifestations mainly lie in the misunderstanding of orders or ideas, as well as if the management's idea contradicts a person's reality. Disagreement can also be related to working conditions, including payment. There can be many scenarios for disagreement, but the common denominator is the lack of shared reality.

As an example, consider a situation where company management decided to introduce a "reasonable" idea - to implement a system of incentive pay based on piecework.

Personnel who were not fully briefed on the system or those who go to work to earn a salary doing nothing, will criticize and actively obstruct this implementation.

First, obviously, the system needs to be explained thoroughly for smooth implementation, and the second category is better eradicated. Otherwise, they will make the first category their supporters.

From a preventive point of view, it's best to immediately "communicate" any plans/ideas to the staff. Of course, you could wave a saber, write an order, and let them just try not to comply.
But therein lies the catch, they will "try" not to do it, and will do everything to prevent the idea from being implemented, albeit in a hidden, often manner.
Therefore, the recipe is simple - explanations must be clear, as everyone's level of "literacy" is different. Even the most "literate employees" may not immediately understand the idea or concept of management, so we simply continue to clarify and explain from a different angle.

Also, when you see disruptions in production or sales, rest assured - there is disagreement among the workers of those departments where things are going downhill. Find out what they disagree with and find common ground. This way, you will have a shared reality.

The author of this philosophy - L. Ron Hubbard - has specific formulas on this matter, consisting of several steps, by following which you can not only get out of Danger but also maintain a very high level of production...

Marat Nugmanov
Editor-in-chief of the newspaper and founder of the company "DRILLING SOLUTIONS"