Failure in a drilling process cannot be eliminated! Consistency of final operating results will depend on many factors in which the most important ones are the competence of personnel involved in the process, the use of good-quality equipment , and the maintenance of drilling techniques and technological process parameters, as well as the competent selecting of a correct type of fluid .

“Mining & Drilling Services LTD” Company is engaged in delivery of equipment, spare parts, and chemicals for drilling, geo- logy survey, mining and concentration companies of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Our business is mainly focused on establishing a balance between price and quality based on every our customer’s needs. As an official dealer of such companies as ELEMENT-SIX (Germany), DATC (France), ROCK MORE (Austria), Driconeq (Sweden), SNF (France), our company provides strong technical support for the whole range of our products supplied. It is commonly known that proficient and longterm cooperation cannot be achieved without trust in customer-supplier relationships.

Therefore, we are proud that our Company can not only have business with its customers in a professional way but can also interact with them as the great friends establishing trust-based relationships which could last many years. Among our permanent customers are the foolowing companies: Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, Kazakhmys Gold Kyrgyzstan LLP, Kaz Minerals Management LLP, Varvarinskoye JSC (Polymetal International Inc.), KazChrome Transnational Company JSC, Altynalmas AK JSC, Kazakhaltyn Mining and Melting Company JSC, Karakuduk Munai LLP, Caspi Cement, Halliburton International Inc., Altai Polymetals LLP, Vostokpromgeo Corporation, Korund LLP, KAZDRILLING Servicing Company, and many others.
Chemicals to improve mud rheologic properties It is no secret that a well life cycle consists of three stages: construction, operation, and its abandonment. And the two latter depend on the quality of the first one. Poor construction quality can lead to the serious failure of the drilling process, and sometimes even to the emergency abandonment of a well where its operation con ditions are violated and well rate decreases, which can finally lead to significant losses for a company.

Most problems and breakdowns during drilling operations, construction, and further operation of wells are caused by mismatch between fluid and cement parameters and the drilling process and geological settings. “Mining & Drilling Services LTD” Company is a partner of well-known producers of bentonites, polyacrylamids, cellulose, different types of inhibitors and other products used to maintain proper and effective drilling procedures and borehole cleanout. Our company can find a solution to any given case with different types of soil and tackle any problem ranging from disastrous lost circulation to drilling hazards in clays. Our specialists provide continuous technical support immediately responding to any changes which may occur in mud rheological properties, and improving composition properties to their best performance during the construction of well.
Flocculants and coagulants for drinking water Mining & Drilling Services LTD Company is a partner of SNF FLOEGER, one of the top producers of flocculants and coagulants for water treatment in the world.

The way in which flocculants and coagulants marketed by our Company for the treatment of waste waters (and drinking water) function is as follows: they facilitate conglutination into solid particles, and their quick and efficient separation from the liquid phase in order to remove suspended particles from the water. Our flocculants and coagulants have the following advantages:

• Used in a wide range of рН value;

• Maintain neutral рН value after treatment;

• Do not react with chlorine;

• Accelerate separation of liquid and solid phases; • Remove unicellular algae;

• Increase the service life of direct filters;

• Minimize the amount of sediment which reduces costs on its processing and removal.

The whole line of coagulants and flocculants is effective for use in water treatment with the water of high-quality after treatment. Drinking water deficiency is a fairly serious problem for many regions nowadays. The flocculants and coagulants tested by our company at Karaganda water treatment facilities (‘Karaganda Su’ company) bring a hope for residents of the city and the neighboring areas of having an opportunity to be supplied with clean water that meets all international standards and would be at a reasonable price.

Flocculants and coagulants for concentration The most important factor in a concentration process is a competent and quick concentration of metals. And there are some goals that should be achieved:

• Saving energy costs when equipment is operated;

• Speed launching of treated water to reduce the cost of resources used;

• Shorten production time of separate lots, consequently, increasing production capacity;

• To receive general positive economic effect form the use of highly-efficient chemicals.

Our company’s specialists have carried out many laboratory and production tests at various concentration facilities. The tests showed the efficiency and viability of our flocculants not only in metal concentration process but also in tailing treatment compared with the same ones produced by BASF and KEMIRA companies. Most concentrating mills of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have already started to use our flocculants because just of our products meet international quality standards enable to achieve all the above goals, and have the competitive advantages in technical specifications at a reasonable price. Needless to say that Mining & Drilling Services LTD also keeps following its main principles in business: good-quality product, strong technical support, and warm partnership relations.