Investment structure
• The Company is seeking a partner for mining and further processing of the gold ore deposit in Kazakhstan (the “Project”)

• The Company can entertain different partnership options, including sale up to 100 % shares in the Project Investment opportunity

• The high grade gold ore deposit in Kazakhstan with resources by C2 category —15,151.8 kg of gold (7.2 g/t) and 89.7 tons of silver (42.6 g/t); forecast resources by P1 category — 15,600 kg of gold (7.4 g/t) and 78.6 tons of silver (37 g/t)

• Developed infrastructure: the highway Almaty–Bishkek is 5 km of the deposit

• Proximity to China and Asian markets, the world’s largest gold consumers

• An experienced management team with a extensive background in mining sector of Kazakhstan

• The Company has stable funding to finance the development of the deposit Company overview

• Tau-Ken Samruk is the national operator of mining assets in Kazakhstan with exclusive first-refusal rights to any new exploration and production licenses being issued for the country’s mineral assets

• It was founded by the Government of Kazakhstan in 2009 to ensure the effective use of the country’s natural resources and promote its minerals assets to local and foreign partners that have expertise in exploration, development, production, processing and selling of solid minerals

• The Company is wholly owned subsidiary of SWF Samruk-Kazyna, the management holding of state assets in Kazakhstan General overview

• Location: Korday district of Zhambyl province

• Landscape: field with hills covered with shrub and gras-sland vegetation. The area exposure is good (60%) and satisfactory (40%)

• Climate: sharply continental climate with cold winter and moderately hot, dry summer

• Subsoil use rights: the Contract № 4333 was signed with the Competent Authority in 2014 Deposit description

• Resources by C2 category —15,151.8 kg of gold (7.2 g/t) and 89.7 tons of silver (42.6 g/t)

• Appraisal resources by P1 category—15,600 kg of gold (7.4 g/t) and 78.6 tons of silver (37 g/t)

• The field is formed by carbon-clastic sediments and overlying volcanic and sedimentary rocks

• Mineral composition: 4 types of ore formations—gold-sulphide-quartz, copper-sulphide, gold-polymetallic on carbonate-quartz basis, silver-polymetallic on barytes-quartz-calcite basis

• Polymetallic mineralization laps on gold-sulphide and is localized by early gold-arsenic within the limits of crushed zone

• Oxidized ores developed by all the four types of primary sulphide mineralization Infrastructure

• The asphalt road Almaty–Bishkek is located at distance of 5 km

• Railway stations Otar and Shu can be reached by the asphalt road

• The high voltage line with a branch line in the deposit is at distance of 10 km Exploration

• In 1984 –1988, prospect evaluation study was conducted in the deposit. Overall volume of underground mines was 1,340 running meters. Based on this data, appraisal of reserves by C2 category to the depth of 280 m and forecast resources by P1 category to the depth of 450 m was issued

• Reliability of geological study was proven by the works in 1993 –1995. Laboratory technological test of the ore was made on four samples taken at different depths

• Following works were performed in 2014: environment audit, prospecting traverse, geoelectrical works, geomagnetic works, mine footage, appraisal drilling, GIS

• In 2015 appraisal drilling of 6,700 l.m (40 wells), in 2014 – 834 l.m (4 wells) was conducted; drill site and roads of total 11,300 m3 is constructed

• Entering of reserves into State Register is planned in 2017