Whatever wage plan you have in your company: respectable, motivating or well-deserved, the main point for the employees to reach the higher result is so called staff games.

The main error of most businessmen is the idea that the money only can be enough to motivate the employees for the achievements. The better incentive can be the professional games. Corporate competition can be absolutely different. They can differ in periods – from one week to one year, and the prize value – from a chocolate to a flat. They are united by one thing – the professional passion, which makes people work towards the new heights.

For example, the day and night crews work in your company, with a manager, a technician, a driver, 2 drillers, 2 driller assistants in each of them. The simplest game is week-long, to reach a specific result. For example, the competition on the number of meters drilled between the day and night crews. Or electing the best driller with the highest performance indicators. One can elect the super technician with the least downtime hours for a week or a month. The prize can be a miner’s flashlight or a set of tools. Such game will be a strong blow on the company’s budget, and will motivate employees to better work. The drillers will drill the rock more intensively, since they will be motivated with the victory. I would recommend, while introducing this game, to award the prize to the best driller, technician or driver, only when the whole crew reached the good result. For example, the day or night crew must drill 340 meters per shift. If the crew failed to achieve the required result, they won’t get the prize. The winner should be selected, when the crew performance exceeds 340 meters.

The professional game can be multi-stage. First, introduce the competitions inside every crew, get the results, then organize the competition between the crews. Then move to the higher level and make the competition among different deposits. Certainly, you should trace the indicators, award the winners and encourage the team spirit of the company.

Such competitions set a professional height to be aimed for, they allow employees to identify their talents. Corporate games inspire and encourage, and such a feeling is better than money.


Development Director of ATManagement Group

In the past, the owner of his own restaurant business flourishing for 5 years. For 3 years in ATManagement Group, he has worked his way from a simple manager up to the development director. He personally arranged over 500 different events: workshops, online webinars and practical courses.

While he was managing the web-site RB.TV, they gathered the base of 35 thsd. active users and over 500 active partners in Russia and CIS. While he was managing the development department, over 250 companies came to the line of ATManagement Group and actively introduce the Administrative Technology tools.

Vladimir Presnyakov is directly involved in creating and filming the Reality Business video courses and is a co-author of the training materials and programs. He is a co-author and presenter of the unique training programs: «Sales department building school», Business coach school Reality Business”. His training courses and workshops were visited by 500 company owners.