Investment structure
• The Company is seeking a partner for mining and further processing of the gold ore deposit in Kazakhstan (the “Project”)

• The Company can entertain different partnership options, including sale up to 100 % shares in the Project Investment opportunity

• The high grade gold ore deposit in Central Asia with 9,430.3 kg of gold (5.7 g/t) and 85.4 tons of silver (51.5 g/t)

• Well-developed infrastructure: 35 km from the nearest railway station, electricity and water supply • Proximity to China and Asian markets, the world’s largest gold consumers

• An experienced management team with a extensive background in mining sector of Kazakhstan

• The Company has stable funding to finance Project implementation and development Company overview

• Tau-Ken Samruk is the national operator of mining assets in Kazakhstan with exclusive first-refusal rights to any new exploration and production licenses being issued for the country’s mineral assets

• It was founded by the Government of Kazakhstan in 2009 to ensure the effective use of the country’s natural resources andpromot e its minerals assets to local and foreign partners that have expertise in exploration, development, production, processing and selling of solid minerals

• The Company is wholly owned subsidiary of SWF Samruk-Kazyna, the management holding of state assets in Kazakhstan General overview

• Location: Korday district of Zhambyl province

• Licensed area: 5 sq. km

• Landscape: field covered with shrub and grassland vegetation

• Climate: sharply continental climate with cold winter and moderately hot, dry summer

• Subsoil use rights: the Contract № 4323 was signed with the Competent Authority in 2013 Deposit description

• Resources — 9,430.3 kg of gold (5.7 g/t) and 85.4 tons of silver (51.5 g/t)

• Mineral composition: quartz-sulphide gold-polymetallic type. Main ore minerals are represented by pyrites, arsenic pyrites, galena, sphalerite. Rock forming minerals are represented by quartz and carbonate

• Gold in ore is predominantly connected with sulphide minerals. Sizes of gold grains are 0.01– 0.02 mm. Silver is mainly connected with galena Infrastructure

• The nearest railway station Birlik is located at 35 km of the deposit

• The highway Almaty–Bishkek is 17 km from the deposit by hard-surface road and 8 km by unpaved road

• The electric power base is represented by high voltage power (110 kV) in Birlik (in 35 km) and a low-voltage power (10 kV) in Alga (in 8 km)

• The main source of technical water supply is Kokpatas river Geology

• The main ore control zone belongs to contact line of granodiorites and amphibolites. It has latitudinal strike and heavy south pitch at the angle of 70–82°. Its extension is 1,500 m; zone thickness varies from 10 to 50 m

• Ore bodies are distinguished within its limits depending on the degree of ore mineralization of metasomatites

• Evaluation drilling in 2015 amounted to 6,600 l.m (21 wells); in 2014 – 3,000 l.m (12 wells)

• In 2015 geological exploration works performed are as follows: – Construction of roads and well sites; geophysical well exploration – Wells drilling, trenching, exploration drilling; laboratory-analytical exploration of samples Exploration

• Exploration works were conducted in 1988 –1994. The surface was studied through trenches in the center and flanks and in the central part of the latitudinal zones was drilled a trench with the a depth of 3 m

• Three exploration pits were drilled with a depth of 15 m. 117 exploration wells were drilled to a depth of 100 to 300 –390 m. According to exploration results, the report with estimated resources was issued

• Following works were carried out in 2014–2015: environmental audit, prospecting traverse, geoelectrical works, geomagnetics, mine footage, appraisal drilling, GIS