It is impossible to deny the fact that there is a danger of receiving or giving a bribe in almost any type of business, and the branch of geology constitute no exception.

During my work I had to meet with various mining companies and people representing them, both those who ask for or offer bribes, and those who are in no event willing to do this.

I am encouraged by the present trend for the better. As a minimum, I have not had to come across the situation, whereby they ask me to give a bribe or try to force me to do this.

But if we consider the situation in more detail, taking as an example a certain corrupt transaction, it is fair to assume what the development of relations between these companies and the interaction of personnel currently will be.

Above all is to understand that basically all people are good. And, acting erroneously, people feel sometimes serious, other times superficial discomfort from the situation, but to live with these «mistakes» under belt is even more fearfully, especially when someone or something reminds of this. Indeed, people are basically good, and they will nevertheless try to «right a wrong» someday, even by hurting themselves. If we are talking about employees, then they will get sick or run into trouble. As a general principle, unexplainable dismissals may occur due to the hidden desire of the employee himself to save the company from his destructive actions.

Due to the same reason, the criminal defendant always leaves at least some kind of evidence in order to re-establish justice! He basically stops himself so as not to harm others. And, in this way, dishonest employees or criminal defendant « re-establish justice».

Another way to « re-establish justice » is to devalue or downgrade the dignity of another in order not to seem that bad against the backdrop of him. It’s hard for people to bear the feeling of one’s superiority. This can be demonstrated by taking as an example any dishonest employee who watches a movie, «surfs» the social networks or does what he should not do behind the back of his chief during working hours.

This kind of employee, who understands his entire «usefulness» for the chief and the company, will try to justify himself with excuses or criticism of others. As a rule, such employees in the «smoking rooms» also criticize managerial decisions and, perhaps, set conscientious colleagues against bosses or the company as a whole.

Knowing that, we can already start by paying attention to the comments of the employees to be hired during the interview. For example, if a person speaks ill on his past workplaces or leading personnel during an interview, then this is a sign that he, most likely, also didn’t fully conformed to his previous workplace.

Giving or receiving a bribe is perhaps one of the worst-case scenarios of what an employee can do wrong for himself and his company. And, of course, this is a betrayal. After all, the company trusts the employee, and he betrays it.

For once undertaken, a «mistake» applies to the whole environment of a person in plague proportions. Bribes and unethical acts become a usual practice. Thus are born the requisitions of the police, and marital infidelity and corrupt states.

This is the exact reason why not giving or taking bribes, as well as conducting only honest business is one of the main principles of our company.

Marat Nugmanov
Chief Editor of newspaper and founder of Drilling Solutions company